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We Need You! Our mission to assist the Monarch butterfly and Native animals covers all of North America.

How you can help us now:

  • Become a volunteer! Volunteer opportunities and information...Click Here.
  • Making an online tax deducible contribution which will assist us to send out hundreds and even thousands of the Free Seed Packs and Educational materials to children across this continent. Your Donation allows us to give back directly to your community in a self-renewing and sustainable way. Any donation over $10 will be eligible to receive a special Live Monarch thank you gift.To make an online Donation through our fiscal sponsor The United Chaitable Programs, please click the following link. ONLINE DONATION LINK this will take you to a secure online form where you can submit your information. At different levels of sponsorship we can offer the items below as thank you gifts, sizable discounts or certificates immediately redeemable for Items through our online partners. The United Chaitable Programs oversees all donations and ensures that every dollar is spent towards our mission. They control all monies and handle all filings and taxes which safeguards your donations and our efforts. We spend all our time helping the environment and providing resources. If you need more information for your big donation plan please contact us.
  • Send in a self-addressed stamped envelope with Donation and get a pack of seeds and complete growing instructions.50+ seeds per dollar. For fast delivery of your gift please mail in your request for seeds and donation ( Make any check payable to " Live Monarch") include a self addressed stamped envelope and send to:
    Live Monarch - Seed Campaign 2019
    PO BOX 1339
    Blairsville, Georgia 30514
  • Make a quick online purchase use a credit card or Pay Pal account. Click the "Buy Milkweed Seeds " button link below.

    This instant online transaction is through PayPal.
    If you are requesting seeds to be sent to you the minimum online purchase is $3 to cover transaction fees, postage and handling.
  • Some common Questions: A small or regular business envelope is large enough for 500+ seeds (49 cent stamp). If you are requesting more you should include an extra stamp on the return envelope. We offer three types of seed:

    1. Southern Milkweed ( Asclepias Curassavica) (tropical milkweed / red and yellow flowers)
    2. Northern Mixed Milkweed (Asclepias Speciosa,sometimes we have - Incarnata and or Tuberosa)
    3. Mixed Wildflower seeds (contains 25 different types- All loved by butterflies!) Milkweed in here also.

You may ask for all three if you send at least a $5 dollar donation. Else we choose one type. Just write on your envelope or letter the type or types you would like. You can send in one envelope with several different requests for seeds. Please remember our volunteers are compensated for their efforts and it takes a long time to read and stuff the hundreds of envelopes we see each day. If you are unable to afford postage please include a nice letter or picture. We do greatly appreciate stamps as some persons forget and others can not afford to participate otherwise. We use all of your donations carefully to promote this ongoing program and really appreciate your assistance to keep it going.

These are not magic beans! If you want to have big plants fast call your local garden centers and ask them to stock milkweed and more butterfly friendly plants. We can sometimes assist you to find plants as well. Our partner site www.liveMonarch.com has plants availiable as rooted cuttings for $1.50 each which is a bargain and will save you a month of waiting for seeds to sprout and grow several inches.

Yes, these are top quality seeds, the same as you would spend far more for at so many retailers 95% or beter germanation rates, non GMO all natural.

What You Get: The best quality seeds for your area, printed lifecycle information and care instructions for milkweed and your soon to be found Monarch eggs, caterpillars, pupae and butterflies. Makes a great gift for all your loved ones and your friends with yards or access to a pot and soil. Send in a dollar for your local school or favorite teacher. This is a gift that is always remembered and becomes an investment with priceless benefits.

  • Community involvement: Monarchs are a miracle everyone should enjoy. We have created a wonderful opportunity for your household, neighborhood, school, place of worship, business, community and even state to make a difference today and ensure the future of our Monarchs tomorrow. Our Foundation charter enables us to directly compensate you for your efforts to collect funds. A full 20% of whatever funds you or your group collects can go directly to you and your community. We can directly impact your local area with the creation of natural butterfly preserves through our placement of suitable plants and specially bred caterpillars and butterflies which will continue their life cycle in your local preserve once it is established. Imagine what it would be like for you to personally act to bring butterflies back to your community and create a self sustaining resource for the absolute enjoyment and enrichment of so many in your area. Please click here for examples of our program in action.

Chrysalis - Watch them emerge as majestic butterflies. One of the most memorable events you can witness and share with your loved ones.

Mesh Socks - Simple to use just slip it over the entire plant or a part of it. Helps keeps the caterpillars on the plant, makes a great perch to turn to chrysalis as well. Look at our award winning castlkes too for more room and more fun.

Highly recommended!

Caterpillars / Eggs - watch them grow by the minute. But make sure you have the food.

Live Adult Monarch Butterflies, Gift / Release Box - Make that special event truly memorable.


Gift Certificate - can be sent directly to whomever you choose and they can simply call or send it in when they want to get their Monarchs.

Seeds - free with small donation greatly appreciated. 50 are $1. Watch them grow and help the Monarchs thrive.

Clear Goals and Objectives...Results You Can See.
You can create an experience which will be remembered for a lifetime.

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